Wild flowering landscapes & bee-friendly farm machinery announced as winners of this year’s European Bee Award

BlühmischungLandscape scale initiative “B-lines” and the “Double Knife system” mowing technology stand out among the pool of 27 contestants from 17 European countries

Now in its third edition, the prestigious European Bee Award organised by ELO and CEMA, awards innovative projects in two different categories: ‘land manager practices’ helping to protect pollinators’ habitat in the farmed environment and ‘innovative & technological solutions’, aiming at reducing the impact of farming activities on pollinators’ populations. Read more …

The Farmers’ Toolbox: For efficient and sustainable practices

boitagriFARRE, March 2016:

The new Farmer’s toolbox is online: This toolbox aims at providing farmers with crop-specific levers that can respond to their plant protection issues (weeds, insects, diseases, nutrition). The toolbox provides technical sheets, but above all, video testimonials from farmers, and a forum section in order to develop and promote innovative practices towards the majority of farmers. The website is in French and available at www.boitagri.com

LEAF in 2015: Annual Review published

LEAF_LOGO_with_text-20162015 has been another very positive year for LEAF. New LEAF Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres have been opened to add to the outstanding network that has been developed and improved over the years. At the Annual Conference in November, Professor Dame Anne Glover spoke eloquently about the urgent need to continue funding new science for the industry, and most importantly to encourage its adoption in practice. In 2015, also Open Farm Sunday broke all records with attendance and the whole agricultural industry owes a debt of gratitude to all the participating farmers and their numerous helpers for the way in which they portray the good messages about British food and farming. Read more …

A few twists and turns on the road to soil health

photo David Lobb 1Article by David Lobb, University of Manitoba,
published in the July–August 2015 volume of Crops & Soils magazine:
“The United Nations (UN) has declared 2015
as the International Year of Soils (IYS) in an effort to raise
awareness and promote the sustainability of our limited
soil resources (www.fao.org/globalsoilpartnership/
iys-2015). A major focus of this effort is soil health:”
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(photo: © David Lobb)

Land in hand in municipalities


November 2015

Step by step towards more floral diversity
A diverse supply of blossoms, evenly spread throughout the year to the greatest possible extent, is what every beekeeper is likely to desire for his bees. Getting closer to this objective can be achieved via the own municipality, by managing land in hand – that is available almost everywhere – in an ecologically meaningful manner.

Land in hand is defined as open space areas in agricultural landscapes and residential areas neither used by agriculture nor nature conservation. Read more …

SIPScene – the newsletter of the Sustainable Intensification Research Platform

SIPSCENE_1st_Edition_FINAL_190615_v3-1October 2015
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is a partner organisation in SIP (
Sustainable Intensification Research Platform) a multi-partner research platform funded by Defra to explore opportunities and risks for sustainable intensification, from a wide range of perspectives.
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Sustainable livestock production in Europe: A question of food security, climate and innovation

Swinging-cow-brush-TeilPolicy Paper – October 2015

Meeting current and forecast demand in a sustainable way is a challenge, especially given that we are already using the earth’s resources at rates thought to be unsustainable. The livestock sector currently constitutes the world’s largest user of natural resources: with 80% of all agricultural land used for grazing or animal feed production and 8% of the global water use, primarily for irrigation of feed crops. Moreover, climate change is expected to further challenge food security through more extreme weather events and other challenges at both regional and global scales.
Thus, the European Union (EU) is faced with a dual challenge: it is called to produce larger quantities of high quality and affordable meat, milk, and eggs in response to an increasing global demand, while doing so through production systems that are environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable. Read more…

New LEAF Brochure “Simply Sustainable Biodiversity”

scs Biodiversity brochureOctober 2015
Simply Sustainable Biodiversity, developed by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is a booklet to help farmers monitor, manage and enhance biodiversity through the adoption of Integrated Farm Management (IFM). Based on Six Simple Steps, it outlines practical ways for farmers to manage their land for food production as well as for wildlife.  Download your copy here: