EISA: Enhancing biodiversity through Integrated Farming – a viable alternative to organic farming

eisalogoPresentation by Martijn Buijsse, EISA Policy Officer, to the European Biodiversity Conference in Brussels, on 7 December 2016. Hosted by MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz, the conference provided an excellent opportunity to present contributions of Integrated Farming to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity on farms. Look at the presentation in detail …

Healthy animals: key to sustainable food production

ifah-europeBrussels, 01 December 2016

The animal health industry plays a significant role in ensuring a sustainable food production by contributing to all three pillars of sustainability.

• Society: Food safety and security through animal health and welfare

• Economy: Less animal mortality and production losses

• Environment: Reduced environmental impact through a better use of natural resources

Read more in our paper and the info-graph on the contribution of healthy animals to sustainable food production.

Improved crop modelling for supporting policy design on climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation — CropM in MACSUR

faccejpiFACCE MACSUR Policy Brief 2

The second MACSUR policy brief, produced by the CropM coordination team, has been published. It focuses on the improvements in crop modelling that now allow conducting a comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts, and identifying adaptation and mitigation options for Europe at multiple scales. The work also provides the background for further significant contributions to IPCC assessment reports. The policy brief is available from the MACSUR web site and is published as FACCE MACSUR Reports 9: H0.3-D2.

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2016: EPRUMA pledges to promote responsible use

Brussels, November 18, 2016

eaad-logoEPRUMA welcomes the 9th edition of European Antibiotic Awareness Day, and takes the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to promoting the responsible use of all veterinary medicines, including antibiotics.

Cooperation between EU institutions, national authorities and key stakeholders – working in both human and animal health – is critical to ensure the responsible use of all antibiotics … Read more

Wild flowering landscapes & bee-friendly farm machinery announced as winners of this year’s European Bee Award

BlühmischungLandscape scale initiative “B-lines” and the “Double Knife system” mowing technology stand out among the pool of 27 contestants from 17 European countries

Now in its third edition, the prestigious European Bee Award organised by ELO and CEMA, awards innovative projects in two different categories: ‘land manager practices’ helping to protect pollinators’ habitat in the farmed environment and ‘innovative & technological solutions’, aiming at reducing the impact of farming activities on pollinators’ populations. Read more …

Exchange of information on best practices, critical to ensuring the responsible use of veterinary medicines across the EU

Brussels, 13 October 2016 – EPRUMA-LogoEPRUMA and the Slovak Presidency of the EU held a workshop today to create a common understanding on the responsible use of veterinary medicines in the EU. The event highlighted the need to increase the exchange of information and dialogue on best practices between public authorities and the private sector across the EU. Read more: